Ever find yourself staring at the clock, the minutes ticking away like a slow drumbeat in a quiet room? We’ve all been there.

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A Gallup poll found that 17% of full- and part-time employees working for organizations in U.S are actively disengaged.

How can I spot someone who is lacking in motivation?


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Chronic Procrastination

Monitor patterns of chronic procrastination. Address this by encouraging task prioritization and setting realistic deadlines

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Increased Absenteeism

Track absenteeism rates and conduct confidential check-ins to understand the reasons behind increased time off.

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Decline in Work Quality

Evaluate the consistency and standard of work.  Offer constructive feedback and seek input to identify underlying issues.

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Lack of Initiative

Encourage a culture of innovation by acknowledging and rewarding initiative. Create channels for employees to propose ideas.

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Negative Team Dynamics

Observe team interactions for signs of negativity. Foster team-building activities and open communication channels.

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Reduced Collaboration

Facilitate team-building exercises and cross-functional projects to rekindle collaboration.

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Increased Turnover Rates

Monitor turnover rates and conduct exit interviews to understand the reasons behind departures.

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Lack of Goal Alignment

Revisit and communicate organizational objectives. Ensure individual goals align with the broader mission.

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Symptom 9

Resistance to Change

Involve employees in the change process. Seek their input and address concerns to enhance acceptance.

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Symptom 10

Low Employee Recognition

Implement a recognition program that acknowledges and rewards achievements, fostering a positive and motivated atmosphere.

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No Professional Development Interest

Assess interest in professional development opportunities. Offer tailored programs and encourage continuous learning.

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